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Python was invented by Guido van Rossum. Being a dynamic language comparative to C and Java it is far more flexible in terms of cost effectiveness. It plays vitally for composing short scripts. Carrying a lot of featuresto be built in to the language and it can be run without even compiling the program at first.

2008, the year brought the release of Python 3, though lot of people are still using Python 2 but there are radical changes made, which therefore allows the programmer to run the code even before changing.

Python comprises of classes, although coders don't have to use them comparing to Java. It also supports those lists as part of the primary language those are equal to arrays in case of C & Java. However they carry extra advantages, e.g., the capability to choose the specific part of the list.

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Python 2: Our experts are proficient enough in the most up-to-date version; Python 2.7. It carries the creatorswhich manner like a list but the only motive to evaluate the value as they are demanded. It has support options for datatime evaluations, mass number service, data handling, stabilised objects, database accessibility, compression techniques, .csv data files, multithreading processes, sockets objects, emailing, html coding, xml coding, web content, audio file, and Graphical User Interface.

Python 3: Being one of the most recent version of Python; Python 3.3 is being supported and guided by our Python Analysts too. A couple of the vital additions from version 2 are such as the operator which now eventually returns a floating metrical value than an integer one. The print instruction now operates as a function. Thus we can actually enclose the impression to print in (), and the strings are modified to unicode. A program called 2to 3 helps usto convert programs from Python 2 to Python 3.

Our Python Homework Help lets our Python Experts to provide Online Python Helpon the Python Programming Basics, thebasics and advance theories, the Python Programming algorithms and Syntax, and how to use an IDE

Identification to the Variables: lists, dictionaries,strings, integers, Comparison operators: <,>,==,!=,<=,>=

Terms Conditions & Loops: If then else, switch, for loops, while loops case, break, continue, default

Comments and reviews: # and ''' (or """)

Operators: and,|,or,~,<<,>>,>>>,!,^:

The Strings: ends with, find, index, join, replace, capitalize, count, split, translate format, Template, starts with, strip, title,

Regular Expressions: match, split, compile, search, sub, find all, groups,

Modules: import, dir, locals, from, globals,

Using Classes: __init__, __repr__, self, __hash__, class, object, None, __new__,__index__, __delattr__, __lt__, __eq__,__del__, __getattr__, __setattr__, __ le__, __ge__, __gt__, __ne__

The Functions: arguements, def, static, lambda

TheException handling: else, finally, try, except, raise, with

The Collections: default Dict, deque, Counter, Set, frozenSet

Handling the Files: flush, read, open, close, readlines, write lines, seek, tell, truncate

The Graphical User Interface: TKinter, WxPython, PyQt

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