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Is writing an essay a dreadful task for you? Are you unable to produce a degree-level essay assignment paper? Then, this piece of information will definitely help you with all your queries. Students pursuing management, nursing, English language, business, and science courses are mostly provided with an essay writing projects. Since writing an essay is a large project and directly impact your academic success and failure, seeking a professional custom essay writing service is the best solution for you.

To make your essay convincing, the type of essay must be defined and needs to be presented in a well-structured format. But, before coming to that process, let’s first discuss our understanding of the term ‘essay’.

What is an Essay?

The phrase ‘essay’ is derived from a Latin word ‘exagium’ which means the presentation of the case. An essay is an extended piece of writing on any subject, generally from an author’s point of view. Essays are the non-fictional and usually subjective piece of structured writing. They can be written for discussing, influencing, evaluating, analyzing, forecasting and other purposes.

What Does the Best Essay Need?

The main objective of writing an essay is to present and defend a topic and influence the readers of an idea based on evidence. The best essay must;

  • Answer the question asked,
  • Reflect a sound knowledge of the topic or issue involved,
  • Have a thesis statement i.e; an answer to the question,
  • Present an argument in author’s own words with pros and cons,
  • Support that argument with relevant examples, evidence, and properly referenced information from credible resources,
  • Be rich in content and well-presented.

Types of Essay Writing Styles by Our Essay Help Experts

As observed by essay assignment help experts, the main purpose of academic essays is to judge your abilities to present your thoughts in a structured way and help you polish your writing skills and intellectual capabilities. Broadly, there are four types of academic essay writing styles that students are asked to follow.

Types of Essay Writing Styles by Our Essay Help Experts

  • Descriptive– As the name suggests, these types of essays are used to describe something in detail. Descriptive essays reflect the vivid picture of the event or thing. Here, the writer can creatively express the idea that creates the image in the readers’ mind and appeals to their senses. These essays may follow chronological structure and narrative style of writing.
  • Narrative– The narrative essays are often written in the first person present and past tense that helps the readers to completely get involved in the piece of writing. Here, the writer (narrator) presents the real life experience in a storytelling way to the readers. These can be short stories and book reports and mostly follows the chronological way of writing.
  • Expository– An expository essay is a writer’s explaining of an ideas, issue or theme within a broader context. It involves analyzing the topic, evaluating the evidence, presenting the facts and drafting an essay using factual statistics, and supporting the presentation with an argument. These types of essay writing are based on factual data and research with no use of any personal opinion.
  • Argumentative– An argumentative or persuasive essay is very similar to an expository essay. However, it makes claim in your statement, provides background information and convincing evidence to support your claim, and responds to the possible argument and present counterargument of your argument to validate your claim.
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7-Step Process to Structure Your Essay

There are several ways of writing an essay but the basic structure is the same. Our essay writing help expert have come up with the seven-step process that is both efficient and effective for you to draft a successful essay.

  • Analyze the Question– First, define your purpose and do a research work on topics that best describe your purpose. After choosing the topic of your interest, analyze the topic question.
  • Determine Your Answer– Once you have identifies your key issue in the question, you need to get a detailed understanding of some critical concepts or theories relates to the problem/issue. By preparing an outline of your ideas, you will be able to put your ideas on the paper in an organized way.
  • Draft an Essay– Now that you have sorted your ideas and decided what information to be presented in your essay, you must draft a thesis statement. For this, you need to assemble a reasoned argument which concludes to the answer that you have just identified. In short, you have to discuss the problem and explain why your answer is right. Generally, thesis statement has two parts wherein the first part define the topic and the second part define the point of the essay.
  • Support the Argument– An important step of your academic essay writing process is to setting out an argument which means all the essential statements included in presenting the issue must be supported by evidence from credible resources. The topic must be well described, argued and explained in the body of your essay.
  • Draft the Introduction– After broadly explaining the body section of your essay, you must prepare an introduction that reflects the focus of your essay and attracts the readers’ attention. To make your introduction engaging, you may use a dialogue, a quote, a story or a simple summary of the essay topic.
  • Reference the Essay– Next step in the writing an exemplary essay is to reference it. In your essay assignment, you need to provide a proper and appropriate bibliographical information regarding all the authors, related books, journals, and other documented sources that you have used in writing your essay paper. The reference is done to acknowledge other writers and it allows a reader to reconstruct the writer work.
  • Edit the Essay– Editing your essay or proofreading it is the final and the critical step of an essay writing process. You must ensure correct spelling, grammar, punctuation, content relevance, and various other essential elements in your academic essay. For this, you may also hire our online essay help experts.

Best Essay Writing Services from the Reliable Professionals

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