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Amidst the turmoil of multiple reflective essays required to get yourself a credit closer to your degree or diploma, how do you approach a reflective essay? Before that, do you know

  • How to write a reflective essay?
  • A few examples (screenshots below) of reflective essays.
  • Aspects of a reflective essay outline.
  • Common reflective essay mistakes and how to avoid them?

What is a Reflective Essay?

A reflective essay is a type of essay wherein, the writer uses his/her own experience or thought process in a subject-specific piece of writing. How you learn, changed, grew from those experiences could follow the basics (conditions apply).

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The Format of a Reflective Essay

The format could change with respect to the varying readers or audience. To understand better, consider the example of the difference in writing the reflective essay for your college and a more academic niche. You would yourself realise that there are slight changes to be made when it comes to the extent to which the organisation of the essay takes place, for what the essay is being written, the sample size of the audience that would read your essay, etc. Not to forget, there would be a number of elements that would be a part of the basics, i.e.




How to write a Reflective Essay?

Introducing the Reflective Essay:

Reflective Essays’ introduction part reads all the aspects, wherein, in some way or the other, the overall focus of what the write up is going to be about is jotted down. We have been in the online essay writing services for about a decade. In lieu of that, our reflective essay experts say that for both, an academician or student, it is important that the approach used is a direct one leaving no voids or unbridged gaps or ambiguities of any sort.

Body-ising the Reflective Essay:

The body of a reflective essay brings forth the elements that reflect how and what deductions that the writer has made or to what extent the writer of that particular reflective essay has changed. If you are a student, you could include what all aspects brought what all changes in your personality and how they have helped you develop into a better, more mature, grown-up person; you could disagree here, but remember, a reflective write up could have different (but not wrong) perspectives as well!

Concluding the Reflective Essay:

After you have understood what is a reflective essay and how to write a reflective essay since it is a reflective write-up, the changes, negative or positive are to be highlighted. The writer may choose to look backwards or ahead of himself. This could be used to compare yourself to what you were in the past and when looking ahead, you could choose to forecast how certain aspects will change you towards a better version of yourself.

Reflective Essay Examples:

Reflective Essay

The above screenshot is from a reflective writing based on nursing and the one below is from the same subject but shows how you should reference regarding the above image.


Reflective Essay Writing Hurdles

Other than being voted the No.1 reflective essay help provider by the students all over the world, we identified and rectified a number of reasons for which reflective essays were getting downgraded by the lecturers and professors around the world. The most common mistakes yet not paid attention to are listed below-:

First Person

When you are asked to fulfil the “reflective” requirement of an essay, the use of First-Person-Perspective is the only approach you are permitted for. Using phrases like “I conclude that …”, “Personally,”, etc. are generally expected of a reflective essay.

Right Citations

Supposedly, you write a sentence “From the above data, I deduce that …”. In this case, you are not required to cite and refer someone or an entity. The reasons being, it is your own deduction based on certain data the deduction belongs to your own thought process. That only implies, the information you think you shall sight is original and primary in nature. If it is primary, why cite your reflective essay for it?

Evident Clarifications

While on the road to learning how to write a good reflective essay, all the claims you make in the essay shall have a backbone. Including examples, evidence and proofs for your findings shall be the approach. Or else, your reflective essay would be marked down a grade for this.

Difference in Perceptions

It is possible that your mindset does not match with the assessor of your reflective essay. It is not that he/she would not know how to write a good reflective essay, but, that person would be having a different approach to assessing a reflective essay. It is also possible that that person belongs to the opposing party regarding a particular debatable subject.

Tone of Language

A lot more than often, students are found to be carried away. When reflecting on a particular topic, the mistake you could make is going a bit too far and breaking the dam between a formal and informal tone of language while you attempt reflective essay writing. In that manner, not only would you write irrelevant content in your essay but a good amount of your reflective essay would go without due referencing. According to the best reflective essay writing websites, the rule of thumb says that, ideally, there shall be a reference at a frequency of 100 words.

Why Choose Us?

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