We calculate the pricing for each academic solution on the basis of the time required to complete the task, the word requirement of the assignment, and the value created for a particular assignment by the respective expert. Usually, assignments which require more time to complete are charged accordingly.

Pricing also depends on the complexity of an assignment problem. The amount of research and the unique resources used also add up to the payment. The good news is - with a dedicated research wing, we are well equipped with impeccable writing skills and subject matter expertise of Ph.D. scholars and retired professors from renowned universities from all around the globe. This allows us to offer you our quality services at economically feasible prices.

Due to our decade long, well-researched and analysed pricing policy, we are able to reward all the stakeholders of our online tutoring business. The top-most priority is given to the clients and therefore they are the first party to receive any cost benefits that the company has accrued.

We provide an invoice service which includes all the chargeable and complementary deliverables of the assignments. Our assignment editing services range from essays, dissertations, case studies to Ph.D. theses. In the process of writing the term papers, one may find it difficult to commit to editing the entire work after its completion. It is always advised to use second pair of eyes to proofread your write-up. In addition to writing services, you can also consider our proofreading, editing, and one-on-one tutorial and consultation services at considerable price.

The value added services include payment as per the number of edits required by the student. Request for a free quote today!

Our customer feedback, service and pricing disclosure norms are liberal; therefore, we are able to integrate our services, service provider and client expectations towards a common goal of 100% client satisfaction.

Our commitment to high level of uncompromised quality and access to a wide range of resources such as our internal accounting software, has lead us to serve millions of customers with confidence and clarity. Due to the integration of our resources through enterprise resource planning software, our service costs have reduced considerably. We transfer the benefit of low cost of resources to our customers in the form of timely discount.

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