Unemployment Essay

Unemployment is a major concern for any economy. Writing an essay on the same needs a critical and eagle-eyed vision. It is important to carry along a quick access guide in your pockets to get a hang an Unemployment Essay.

A student’s life is always presumed to be the toughest. A major contributor for that cause are the assignments, especially the essays that ask the utmost possible precision.

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Unemployment Essay Writing Tips


First, like any other essay comes the introduction followed by the thesis statement, body, and lastly, the conclusion. Coming to the most important aspect of your unemployment essay, the body shall have at least three parts. To start with a topic and ‘template’ sort of sentence is considered a good approach while writing an unemployment essay. It shall have a link with the introduction, wherein, the thesis statement shall bridge any gaps that may be upcoming in the rest of the essay.

Connecting it with a concluding paragraph, which shall act as the summariser to your essay. The thoughts shall be summarised here and given a sharp edge. One thing to keep in mind while writing the conclusion is that it shall not seem stretched and hence be done with within a word limit of 100-150 words.

Causes of Unemployment Essay


Other than the above, there is a number of causes that are the sole reasons for unemployment in any economy. Not all of them can be listed here, but the most important and frequent ones you are going to write your unemployment essays about are as follows-:

Change in Technology

One of the most serious causes of unemployment in your unemployment essay is the changing and advancing technology. With the increasing automation, the efforts required by human hands is decreasing, but the people are at the receiving end. They are the ones who tend to lose jobs due to lack of vacancies. It’s both good and bad for an economy which would take some time to balance with the population.


When Recession hits, economies undergo an earthquake. A number of terms in the glossary of macroeconomics come into the picture then. Also, due to international trade and business, even if there’s a situation of recession in a single nation, the nations and economies linked with that particular country also suffer due to a decrement in, for example, trade practises or exchange of goods and services.

Changing Global Markets

For an essay on unemployment or employment, be it any economy you attempt to target, you would notice that the marketplace changes with respect to time and changes in other factors such as technology. Increase in price, substitutes, etc all contribute to the same. The companies are not able to pay timely which, in turn, would hike the rate of unemployment.

Job Dissatisfaction

Not being satisfied with the jobs is another area that has been seen as a major driver of unemployment for multiple economies. Whenever there is an ill-management at the organisation an employer is working at, the employee would automatically lack motivation or the will to perform and take on challenges. An imbalance in jobs arises wherein, a number of employees knowingly and deliberately lose or quit their jobs.

Employment Discrimination

As the name suggests, discrimination and segregation on the basis of the case, creed, gender, ethnicity, etc. are not at all tolerable and shall not be tolerable by any employee. On the other hand, the employers shall make sure that the employees are devoid and kept away from such practices. Otherwise, it would lead to a negative environment for the employer who does not think that this area, another productivity is also important for the overall development of the organisation.

Impact of Unemployment

Social Effects

  • Skill Loss,
  • Illness (mental),
  • Obstacles (financial),
  • An Increased Crime Rate,
  • Instability (political),
  • Job Insecurity,
  • Poor living Standard,
  • Employment Gap

Challenges Faced by The Governments

  • Proper Execution,
  • Expansion Projects,
  • Reduction in Taxes,
  • Mannerly Recruitment, Training, Development,

To write an essay on unemployment, you must understand that it is a very major and serious issue for any economy. The negative impact and effects that are created by the above factors contribute to major downfalls and recession scenarios for economies.

However, for a full-fledged growth of an economy, it is not solely dependable on the prime minister of the nation. Both governments and individuals have to take the initiatives towards the standard of living and productivity as well as its efficiency, say our unemployment essay writers.

For an insight and holistic understanding of all the macroeconomic factors, you can consult our academic experts at TutorVersal USA for all the details you need to know on how to write an unemployment essay and get the A-Grade essay assignment you fantasised for reference purposes well before the deadline.

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