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A CDR writing or competency demonstration report is a compilation of modified documents that a migrating engineer requires to demonstrate his or her competency of engineering skills and English language to the Institution of Engineers Australia. A CDR writing services comprises of three career episode reports (CERs). Any engineer who wishes to migrate in order to work there or pursue higher studies has to provide a full CDR report to Engineers Australia for assessment. CDR report writing is always important for the engineers migrating to Australia and they need to ensure that their CDR reports are in full compliance with the Migration Skills Assessment requirements for Engineers Australia.

What Purpose Does CDR Writing Serve?

The question arises very frequently, as to why Australia needs a certification of your work. CDR serves the purpose, wherein

  • The report reflects how you have applied your engineering skills and knowledge in your entire engineering career.
  • This application meets the competency standards which are set by Australia for the relevant occupational category.

Material Required for Preparing a Customized CDR for Engineers

In order to create a good CDR report writing, you need to first review the Engineers Australia requirements (EA). Get the application form from EA website and start preparing your documents.

You need to have few requirements fulfilled while preparing a CDR report. Have a look.

  • Three technical/engineering projects: You have to use each project to produce a career episode
  • Your personal details birth certificates, passport and others.
  • An updated copy of your CV with all the relevant educational and employment details.
  • Educational records or enrollment certificates, academic transcripts and other related documents.
  • Evidence to prove your competency in English language (results of IELTS)
  • CPD activities: You will need these to compile your Continuing Professional Development document.

When you are done with preparing three career episodes, you need to sit down and prepare an impressive summary statement. Finally, you can devote some time in preparing your CPD and CV. Once all these are done, you can compile all the other documents and lodge an application.

You might have noticed that most of the requirements of a CDR are based on legal information. You need to make sure that the quality of your CDR report writing is totally dependent on how well it meets migration skills assessment requirements set by Engineers Australia. But, if we talk about the summary statement, it cross-references the three career episodes of your CDR report. If in any case your career reports are scant, your summary statement automatically becomes scant, and hence, your entire CDR report. Therefore, a lot of care needs to be taken while preparing the three career episodes for your CDR report.

How to Write an Excellent CDR for Engineers in Australia?

Preparing a CDR report without any CDR Engineers Australia could be quite stressful, people writing career episodes could go into a state of mind-numbness unable to tackle the complexity of the task. They just forget the basic principles of report writing.

How is it done? Let's have a look;

Career Episodes: These episodes describe your basic knowledge and experience gained in engineering; it could be both educational as well as work. You need to make sure that each career episode is based on a specific period or distinct aspect of your engineering activity. You need to recheck that all the three episodes are from different periods of your engineering activities. Career episodes should be in your own words and use good English. You need to provide an evidence of engineering knowledge and skills in a particular occupation.

CDR Career Episodes could be based upon:

  • Any engineering task that you might have taken up as a part of your educational program
  • A specific position that you currently occupy
  • A project that you have worked on or are still working
  • Any particular engineering problem you have solved

What should be the length of your Career Episode?

The length of your career episode could be stretched from 1,500 to 2,500 words and there is absolutely no need to present a large amount of technical data in your career episodes.

Sections of Career Episodes

Your each career episode should be written in different sections. The sections that you are required to write in each career episode include; Introduction, Background, Personal Engineering Activity, and Summary.

Introduction: Your introduction section should be of at least 100 words, try not exceeding it and should contain the following information.

  • Chronology
  • Dates and duration of a career episode
  • Name of the organization
  • Your position in the organization
  • Geographical location where the relevant experience is gained

Background: It is basically about the context that you have been working or studying. The length of this section should not exceed 200-300 words and it should have the following information:

  • Nature of your overall engineering project
  • Nature of your particular work area
  • What all were the objectives of the project
  • A chart of your organizational structure, highlighting your position, in relation to the career episode.
  • Your job description or statement of your duties (try to provide an official duty statement where needed)

Personal Engineering Activity: This is basically the main section of your career episode, as it describes the actual work you have performed as an engineer. It could carry 500-1000 words. In this particular section, you need to stress upon the engineering task performed by you. Try describing your own work rather than teamwork.

This section needs to have the following information;

  • How you applied your engineering skills and knowledge
  • In your career, any particular technical difficulties/problems that you have encountered and how you tackled it
  • Tasks allotted to you and how you accomplishing them
  • How have you worked as a team member
  • Strategies devised by you and it could include any original or creative design work

Summary: In this section, you need to provide a conclusion of your impression of the engineering activity and your role in it. It could have 50-100 words. This section needs the following information;

  • Your view of the overall project
  • How have you contributed to a particular project
  • How the project has flared in meeting the goals and requirements Important Career Episodes' Dos'
  • Try maintaining a good written communication
  • Emphasize your personal role in a project
  • Application of engineering knowledge and skills
  • Do not use excessive technical data (photos, calculations and data table)
  • Use first person singular (I investigated, I performed etc.)
  • Just emphasize on any particular engineering problem that you have identified and problem-solving techniques that you must have applied
  • Number each paragraph in each of career episode and write those numbers in SS
  • The numbering of these paragraphs should be in this format; Career Episode 1 (paragraphs 1.1, 1.2, 1.3,) Career Episode 2 (paragraphs 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, etc.) Career Episode 3 (paragraphs 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, etc.)

Summary Statement (SS)

One of the most complex and crucial parts of CDR. We would suggest getting a CDR writing help from CDR writing experts in Australia to write the summary statement. In Summary statement, you need to demonstrate all the competent elements for the nominated occupational category. You just need to write the numbers of the paragraph (i.e. 1.3, 1.7, 2.9, 3.4,…) against each element/ competency of SS. You only need one summary statement for all three episodes.

Writing guidelines for CDR

There is this English language, the Australian language and the Engineers Australia language. The Engineers Australian form of writing is the prescribed writing style for career episodes. It should have the following characteristics;

  • It should be personal. The most frequently used word must be "I"
  • It should be in active voice. For Instance; I calculated, I planned, I measured
  • It should be clear and simple
  • Everything should be related to engineering competencies
  • It should be full of facts and details- Try avoiding any unsubstantiated claim.

We understand that many of your career episodes will be working as part of a team. That is fine. You just need to demonstrate that you can interact and provide a leadership and obtain support in a team. Your focus should be on clearly describing your part in the team. For Example "I prepared the technical scope for a new generator…"

Now, what is an unsubstantiated claim?

It is simply a claim without any evidence. You need to add an evidence for a particular role or work that you have performed. This could be done by providing written progress reports, holding some weekly meetings and also getting feedback on proposed design modifications.

Provide CDR Engineers Australia all the information they want

  • Engineers Australia will focus on details.
  • You need to detail your own thought processes and actions
  • Try providing evidence of your actions and the results
  • Details related to the competencies
  • Details for all sub-elements within all elements of all competencies

Why does Engineers in Australia need CDR Writing Services?

Preparing a perfect CDR report could easily create a lot of stress for you, as it has lots of tasks to be fulfilled. In case your Competency Demonstration Report (CDR report) fails to meet the requirements of all engineering competency assessment elements stated by Engineers Australia in the Migration Skills Assessment booklet, your CDR application will be suspended (Usually for 11 months) leaving you with no option to migrate to Australia until the end of the suspension period.

The process of preparing a CDR report according to CDR writing services in Australia can be lengthy, as the Engineers Australia has clearly provided a list of engineering competency assessment elements in a booklet, Migration Skills Assessment. While some of the engineers opt to prepare their own CDR report, others don't want to take the risk. Moreover, the process of writing and preparing a CDR report writing for immigration to Australia can be hectic and time-consuming. That's the reason some engineers opt to hire the services of CDR report writer. The CDR writing services for Engineers Australia provide a team of CDR report writers who would help you to prepare a perfect Competency Demonstration Report.

Why Many of The CDR Are Rejected by Engineers in Australia?

Usually, the CDR reports are rejected by Engineers Australia because of the failure to address all engineering competency elements covered under the Migration Skills Assessment (MSA) requirements. All your custom career episodes for your CDR report writing should satisfy all the competency requirements which are stated by Engineers Australia. Try out some of the CDR Report Writing Services for Australia Migration and get the required help from CDR report writers.

You need to play smartly while writing your CDR report or you could hire CDR Writing Services for Engineers in Australia to avoid any mishaps. The CDR writing experts in Australia advices not to tell the engineers what you know, instead try telling them what all you have done and achieved. This would provide proof that you can apply your knowledge and you have the competencies they are looking for. Remember that Engineers Australiaasseses your knowledge and skills based on what you have done in your entire engineering career. So, allow expertsof TutorVersal to provide you CDR report which is fully compliant with Government recommended CDR format.

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