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Matlab the abbreviation of the software named as Matrix labs is widely used in several industries such as Aerospace, Defence, Biotechnology, finance and many others. A huge amount of data research and mathematical computation and its concise presentation is possible using Matlab. One of the common questions that arise is - how is Matlab different than other applications such as Microsoft Excel or SAS?

The answer is that the functionality available in the above mentioned applications is limited. Microsoft Excel is primarily used in making data sheets and applying functions to derive statistical values from the available data. SAS is another statistical analysis application which is used for achieving data analysis functionality by applying programming skills to a data.

One of the limitations of using Microsoft Excel and SAS is in application of graphical presentations and mathematical functions to the available data. This is because primarily SAS can only be used to do statistical analysis. On the contrary, Matlab can be used in various other mathematical computation techniques such as mathematical modelling, simulations, algebra, geometry, statistical analysis and 3D analysis.

Due to continuous research and development in the software analysis industry there is no single application that rules the world of data scientists, engineers and other technology experts. Every software application has a role to play and it is wider in case of professions such as marine engineering, actuarial science and financial modelling.

We noted above that Matlab is highly beneficial when it is applied to sophisticated industries such as aerospace and engineering. Therefore, another question arises: I do not work for a product development or scientific analysis department of an engineering company. Can I use Matlab?

It all depends on your interest in mathematical research and analytical tools used in Matlab. In reference to the above mentioned facts, we can understand that SAS is about statistical programming alone and another thing is that you have to learn to write lot of code to use it. SAS is interesting for you if you like coding and programming or if you have a background in computer science. The learning curve in knowing how to use Microsoft Excel is very less compared to SAS or Matlab. So, you might as well learn Microsoft Excel anyway, to satisfy your interest in analysis and presentation of data.

In context of learning Matlab, you should be ready to go through a bigger learning curve but at the same time the fact that there is less code writing activity in Matlab should make you happy; especially if programming is not your first choice! We should remember that Matlab has a much wider utility in many industries such as Oil & Gas drilling and Marine Engineering in comparison with other research and development software.

Our Matlab experts have real-time experience in working on Matlab. We work with Matlab academic trainers to develop new learning modules which are easier to learn. Our Matlab solutions are perfectly designed to solve new-age problems in several industries such as aerospace, oil & gas and financial modelling.

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