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In order to understand the qualities that make you a successful engineer, we should begin by understanding - how does the engineering field work? Technology and Science have always been in the forefront of economic development in any nation. Engineering is a combination of both technological and scientific study of the way machinery, construction, automobiles, medical infrastructure, transport infrastructure and many other industries work to develop a nation.

Engineering was always a science based on several mathematical theories such as geometry, algebra, distance, matter, velocity, calculus, and statistics. In contemporary times, engineering also includes the study of technology which makes the math part easy and this way science is construed with higher degree of efficiency. MATLAB, SPSS, and SOLIDWORKS are some of the software programs which make the study of engineering more effective; this is because the mathematical computing part of engineering becomes more accurate and precise by implementing technology in the form of the above mentioned software programs.

Let us now begin to look at a few qualities that can make you a successful engineer:

1. Passion for perfection An engineer needs to be highly disciplined in maintaining an excellent level of consistency and accuracy in the work. The engineering project work is required to be highly consistent throughout its entirety and this means the concerned engineer should be in a position to produce timely output. The ability to process, analyse and interpret information is especially important in the engineering field because an engineer has to essentially deal with a lot of complex information. A solution to any level of complex engineering problem can be produced by the engineering community; however it should also be noted that perfection does matter! The smallest of errors in the angle of a beam that supports a bridge can create a blunder, if the bridge is destroyed. Or an error in the design of a medical equipment can make the equipment obsolete in the medicine device industry.

2. Ability to network In the context of the engineering field, the ability to network does not necessarily mean the ability to sell a product; although techno-sales is a critical area in the engineering industry. We are not talking about sales here. In the context of this article, the ability to network with clients includes the communication skills along with awareness about recent industry practices within the industry. An engineer should be a prompt communicator to be able to convey methodology and engineering practice to the stakeholders of the project.

3. Project management It takes a good hold on technical as well as soft skills to become a good project manager. It does not matter if the concerned engineer is a project manager or a junior engineer working for a project; the engineer working at any level of the project should play the role of a project manager. This essentially means that the engineer should be an adaptable learner who is able to perform with efficiency in each stage of the project.

4. Understanding customer requirement An engineer should be able to envision the final output of the project and begin working according to the guidelines provided by the project manager. A project is completed in more than one stage; it is necessary to learn from each stage of the project to be able to do better in the next stage. Every stage of the project is equally important and unique. It is important to have a comprehensive outlook about each stage of project to produce a highly consistent and excellent final output.


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