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What is SAP?

SAP is an acronym for Systems Applications and Products in data processing. It is an Enterprise Resource Planning software. Founded in 1972, SAP software was designed by Hopp, Wellenreuther, Plattner, Tschira and Hector. Since its inception, SAP has grown exponentially and has achieved the status of the number one ERP software. SAP software is used by more than 140,000 medium, small and large businesses worldwide. SAP, as a subject for study, includes instructions in database management, management of human resource software and in business training. Universities all over the world offer SAP courses to hone their students’ human resource management and business management skills for efficient and smooth functioning of business. Students who have undertaken SAP training are equipped with knowledge and skills to design input screens, create information warehouses, and access data tables. This below infographic shows the topics covered in SAP curriculum.

SAP Accounting Assignment Help

The above infographic shows the topics covered in SAP curriculum. However, it’s not as easy as it looks. SAP is a vast subject in itself and requires a lot of complex and complicated methodologies. Students are often in a fix on how to complete their SAP assignments on time and that too with quality. TutorVersal provides excellent SAP accounting help to students to students from all over the world. Our subject matter experts have been trained on SAP in real-time scenario, thus, their approach of writing the assignment always remains practical.

In relation to the process with which data exchange and communication is managed, Enterprise systems can be classified as;

  • Decentralised System
  • Centralised System (ERP)

Decentralised System

In a company that uses decentralised system of management, there are two significant problems;

  • Data is maintained in a local environment at individual departments
  • Inter-departmental access of information and data is not possible

We can further list down the 5 major problems with decentralised system;

  • Several incongruent information system generates independently and gradually that are hard to preserve.
  • Integration of data consumes both money and time.
  • Duplicity and inconsistency in Data
  • Time taking information leads to consumer dissatisfaction, loss of reputation and revenue.
  • Material, inventory and human resource cost are high.

These major drawbacks of decentralised system can affect the smooth functioning of a business. The solution to this lies in centralised system, that is, ERP.

Centralised System (ERP)

Organisations that use centralised system of data management and information data is maintained and stored in a central location and its access is given to all departments. Let’s look at the below infographic that highlights the key benefits of centralised system.

key Benefits

Now, that we have covered the benefits of centralised system of data and information management. Let’s take a look at the best Centralised system, that is, SAP.


What is SAP?

As discussed earlier, SAP is an enterprise resource planning software that is implemented to provide end-to-end solutions for logistics, financial, inventories and distribution. Here are some fast facts about SAP;

  • 365,000 customers in more than 180 countries
  • 87,800 employees in more than 130 countries
  • 45 Years of innovation and history
  • 15000 + SAP partner companies globally
  • 22.06 Billion Euro Total revenue in FY2016

Now that we know that SAP has been around for a while and is used by most fortune 500 companies for the smooth running of their business, let us take a look at some points that make SAP the ultimate career choice:

Your career growth in SAP is determined by your knowledge and expertise in handling one or more SAP application. Here are some career options for you in SAP along with why you should chose that particular option.

  • SAP CRM: If you are well-versed with customer relationship management and if you hold a degree in business analysis or marketing, you should opt for SAP CRM.
  • SAP HR: If you have a master’s or bachelor’s degree in Human Resource Management, you can enhance your degree with a certification in SAP HR.
  • SAP Consultants: You can provide SAP consultancy to big and small companies that employ the SAP software for their day to day business operations.
  • SAP Trainer: If you have a SAP certification, you can become a SAP trainer with institutes, universities and organisations.

SAP Accounting Software

SAP accounting software is one of the most used software for point of sale, accounting and recording financial transactions, all over the world. SAP accounting software records transactions, reports the data in operation at the end of the specified time, and analyses financial data. The SAP accounting software has had huge effects on the computerisation of financial accounting system. It improves financial processing and data management for industries of all sizes. The different modules of SAP accounting software include reporting, accounting and account receivable management among others.

Universities have SAP accounting curriculum wherein they prepare the students with skills and knowledge on operating a SAP software. SAP training involves both classroom training as well as practical training on the software. This is why SAP accounting assignments are often complex and require a lot of effort and time to complete. Most students prefer SAP accounting assignment writing services from professional academic writers. TutorVersal provides impeccable SAP accounting assignment help to students from all over the world. Our team of dedicated SAP specialists understand your course curriculum and are well-versed with university guidelines and marking rubric. Our SAP accounting specialists have a flair for writing error-less and plagiarism-free assignments with proper examples and references. Our SAP Accounting Assignment Help Australia is considered one of the best in the whole subcontinent. With native English writers holding multiple certifications in ERP and SAP, TutorVersal boasts of 100 percent guaranteed satisfaction to all the students.

SAP Assignments

Advanced Business Application Programming (ABAP) is a high-level programming language that runs on the SAP environment. Let’s take a look at the three versions of the SAP software and their uses.

  • SAP R/1: This is the first version of the SAP software. The software is designed on a one tier architecture in which presentation, application and database layers are installed in one server or system.
  • SAP R/2: This version handles different languages and currencies. The software is designed on a two-tier architecture in which presentation, application and database are installed in two distinct servers.
  • SAP R/3: This is the upgraded version of R2 and is based on 3 tier architecture where presentation, application and database are installed in three distinct systems or server.

Let’s take a look at the SAP products available all over the world.

  • SAP R/3 and R/3 Enterprise
  • mySAP Business Suite
  • SAP Industry Solutions
  • SAP xApps
  • SAP Solution Manager

The below infographic shows the modules and integration of SAP R/3 which is commonly employed by organisations worldwide.

sap client server

Now, let’s take a look at SAP functional modules

  • FICO: Finance & Control
  • PP: Production Planning
  • MM: Material Management
  • SD: Sales & Distribution
  • HR: Human Resource
  • CRM: Customer Relationship Management

What is SAP FICO?

FICO stands for Financial Accounting and Controlling. Where, the FI (Financial Accounting) collects, records, and processes financial information or transactions on a real-time scenario to deliver necessary inputs for statuary reporting. Moreover, SAP CO (Controlling) plays a vital role in internal reporting and management decision making processes. Our SAP accounting assignment experts in Australia are well-versed with SAP financial accounting and controlling theories and are able to provide error-free assignments that matches your professor’s expectations and helps you achieve high distinction.

FICO includes the following sub-modules;


What is SAP MM?

SAP Material Management is one of the most important modules in SAP ERP Software. SAP MM specifically deals with procurement and inventory functionalities used in day-to-day business operations. The SAP MM modules include many aspects like;

  • Purchase
  • Receiving Goods
  • Material Storage
  • Planning and Inventory based on consumption

What is SAP PP?

SAP Production Planning (PP) application is used in planning and controlling manufacturing activities of the organisation. It consists of master data, system configuration, and the entire solution to produce process.

What is SAP SD?

SAP Sales and Distribution (SD) is a part of the logistics and includes activities such as shipment to consumers, billing, delivery, customer invoice and sales order handling. This module is entirely integrated with other modules such as purchasing, finance and production planning.

What is SAP HR?

SAP Human Resource software application manages end-to-end employee life cycle and payroll. From training to appraisal, all the aspects are covered in this application.

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