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Plagiarism is copying someone else’s idea without giving the author the credit he and his work deserve; hence, one must conduct a plagiarism check whenever submitting an assignment with an Australian University. According to well processed and organized researches conducted by our assignment experts, plagiarism in assignments is considered a criminal offence by top universities like the Monash, RMIT, Queensland, etc. Even the Oxford University treats this as a crime, no doubt the quality of their teachings and the teachings. Moreover, they have a page describing what possible actions could be taken against a student who is found guilty of the same.

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Turnitin is a plagiarism checking tool widely accepted by the universities. Rather, the universities and colleges ask almost every student to accompany the assignments or projects with an enclosed Turnitin Report. With our assignment help, we make sure that we conduct a free Turnitin plagiarism check for you. Not just that, we even accompany the referral assignment solution with a Turnitin file of the same assignment which substantiates our claim of experts’ PhD degrees and experiences in MNCs.

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Though, in order to get your assignment checked on Turnitin, you would be required to buy certain packages. Paying your hard-earned money to buy something you might not need in future would be worthless. Think about it as an investment which is non-profitable for your assignments. You would buy the package and still not use half the features the software offers. On the other hand, while availing of our plagiarism check services for your assignments, you would pay for the part of the package you use and not for a yearly or quarterly package. To know more about our value-added services customised specially for top notch assignment help, you could contact us at any hour of the day around the yearly calendar.

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