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Minitab is a statistical software which helps in analyzing data. It was originally created as a tool for statistical tutorials. Minitab products are specifically designed to help professionals in improving their businesses. Minitab allows users to perform data analysis seamlessly.

Minitab Assignment

A Minitab assignment typically involves preparation of charts and calculations of regression which naturally involves a huge amount of data.It also requires the student to know about the Minitab software too. Additionally, the student should know how to import and organize data; open, save, and share Minitab worksheets and projects; create graphs and charts; and use descriptive statistics and statistical tests in Minitab to make inferences and data-driven decisions. This could be unknown to many students.

There are 4 main topics under Minitab which are:

  • Manipulation of worksheet
  • Equal variance
  • Cross tabulation
  • Graphs and split pot

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Importance of Minitab

Minitab also produces Quality Trainer and Quality Companion.

Quality Trainer is an eLearning package that teaches statistical tools and concepts in the context of quality improvement.

Quality companion is a tool for managing Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing.

Minitab Uses

Minitab, is used as a tool for teaching statistics, is a general-purpose statistical software package designed for easy interactive use. Minitab is also used for instructional applications, as well as for analyzing research data.

Various Minitab Topics of Importance

Various Minitab Topics of Importance

Minitab is one of the world’s most used and popular statistical tools. There are various important topics, compiled by our Minitab assignment writing experts like:

  • Inputting data in Minitab;
  • Creating display graphs and charts, including bar and Pareto charts and scatter plots;
  • Running multiple regression tests;
  • Describing data with statistics;
  • Comparing variance, multiple means, and medians;
  • Comparing proportions, etc.

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Limitations of Minitab

Minitab has certain unavoidable limitation like:

  • Ease of Use: The worksheet window in Minitab consists of a fixed structure which is more difficult to change as compared to Microsoft Excel. It has poor compatibility with other statistics assignment programs, which makes importing files more difficult.
  • Weak Mathematics Features: Minitab consists of less ability to perform mathematical and numerical analysis.

Why Use Minitab?

  • Minitab is relatively simple to use and this simplicity makes it easy to learn for beginners.
  • An analysis can be performed using drop-down menus or syntax, accommodating both beginners and advanced users.
  • Minitab supports for design and analysis of experiments (including factorial, response surface, mixture, and Taguchi designs).
  • The user interface and output is available in many languages like English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, and Spanish.

How do you Use Minitab?

Choose Stat>Basic Statistics>Paired t...

Click in the First Sample text box and specify DadAge.

Click in the Second Sample text box and specify MomAge.

Click in the Options button.

Make sure the Test Mean text box says 0.

Click the arrow button at the right of the Alternative drop-down list box and select greater than.

Minitab vs Excel

Minitab Microsoft Excel
Minitab, as a statistical software package. General, cell-based spreadsheet.
Requires the data to be in column-wise format. May have data in any row or column with formulas scattered in between.
Easy to use. Arduous to use.
Can do most tasks with just a few clicks. Must enter cell formulas and cell ranges.
Uses common statistical terminologies. Misuses terminologies.

Complex Minitab Assignments

A complex Minitab assignment involves:

  • Organizing and displaying data using Minitab ,
  • Measures of central tendency and variation using Minitab,
  • Graphs, charts, and tables for classifying, summarizing, and visualizing data using Minitab,
  • Hypothesis testing, analysis and inference of linear correlation using Minitab,
  • Tests, Outcomes, Events, Probability, Discrete Random Variables, Simulation, Computations with Random Variables, Joint Distributions and Independence,
  • The central limit theorem, The law of large numbers, computer-based statistical software, Descriptive statistics, graphical methods,
  • Linear regression, statistical principles, inferential statistics, coefficient, slope of regression line.

What File Types Are Typically Associated With Minitab?

The following files can be associated with Minitab:

  • *.mtw - Minitab "worksheet" (data file).
  • *.mpj - Minitab project file.
  • *.mgf - Minitab graph.

Various Courses Offered in Minitab

The training courses are divided into two series –

  • Manufacturing Quality series is for professionals working in the automotive industry, chemical production plants, and other companies involved in manufacturing.
  • Service Quality series is for professionals working in financial services, healthcare, retail and other service-related industries.

Examples of Minitab Usage:

The following example of usage of Minitab depicts how it helps organize and make work easy:

A histogram is a graph that one can use to assess the shape and spread of any continuous sample data. A histogram can be created before or during an analysis to help confirm various assumptions.

To draw a histogram, Minitab divides sample values into intervals called bins. By default, each bar on the histogram represents the number of observations falling within a bin (the frequency). Minitab automatically determines an optimal number of bins, but you can edit the number of bins in addition to the intervals covered by each.

The following is a histogram:

following is a histogram

Steps to create a histogram using Minitab:

  • Choose Graph > Histogram.
  • Choose Simple, then click OK.
  • Under Graph variables, enter the column of numeric or date/time data. In the example, Scores is the graph variable.
  • Click Data Options, then click the Frequency tab.
  • Under Frequency variable(s) enter the column that contains the frequency, or counts, data. In the example, Frequency is the frequency variable.
  • Click OK in each dialog box.
  • (Optional) To display percent’s, double-click the y-axis. Click the Type tab. Under Scale Type choose Percent, then click OK.

Topics Covered By Our Experts While Providing Minitab Assignment Help?

We at TutorVersal cover all topics of Minitab like:

Sign test Linear model
Binary logistic Cross Tabulation
Gage R&R Regression Analysis
Split Pot D-optimal and distance-based designs
Matrix Algebra in Minitab Weibayes analysis
Tolerance intervals Power curves
The Chi-square Test Plackett-Burman and general full factorial designs
Process capability: normal, non-normal, attribute, batch
Accelerated life testing
Wilcoxon Rank Sum Procedures

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