Investment Management Assignment Help

Investment Management Assignment Help

Investment management often refers to the buying and selling of investments within a defined structure. It is the professional management of various securities and assets such as shares, bonds, real estates, to meet the specific investment objectives for the sake of investors. These institutions may be private investors, corporations, government institutions, various insurance firms, charities, pension funds or educational institutions.

Investment management assignment help services include stock selection, financial statement analysis, banking issues, asset selection, plan implementation and ongoing monitoring of investments. Investment management is a broad and highly significant global industry that is extensively used in almost every sector across the world.

Since investment management comes under financial services, it can be well understood that many largest companies of the world often look for professionals and deliberately employ millions of staff to generate maximum revenue. Therefore, students of commerce and accountancy or CA willingly pursue this course to get the expertise of this study area and seek investment portfolio project management assignment help.

However, it is a quite complicated subject in which students are required to invest a lot of time in research work, understanding complex concepts and terms, auditing and preparing reports in order to deliver qualitative and unique assignment work. As a result, it is best for them to seek professional investment management assignment help.

3-Step Process in Investment Management Assignment Help

Management functions within the investment process comprise selection, interpretation, and evaluation of investment projects while considering risks and returns. Investment management emphasis on maximizing the profitability of the investment project, minimizing the risk involved in performing investment activity, and ensuring economic growth of the business firm.

The core objective of investment management is to choose the investment that leads maximum benefit with the minimum risk. Management at all level follows a common and effective process as explained below:

Planning- It is the first stage of the investment management process where investment policies and strategies are developed. The investment strategies are developed following the general policies of industrial-economic activities of economic entities. It aimed at marking its stability and ensuring its reliability currently and in the future.

Organizational Function- Developed investment strategy and policy is essential to identify the funding needs, types of fundraising, and the relationship between self and potential resources. Therefore, seeking strategic investors are very important for getting the most beneficial investment portfolios and projects.

Monitoring- At every stage of the investment process, it is required to get effective results from the investing activities. It can be achieved by monitoring and coordinating all actions taken to meet investment goals and targets and imposing corrective actions with respect to changing conditions in the investment market.

Important Phases of Investment Management Assignment

Students pursuing investment management studies must take into account key phases of investment management functions. This will surely enhance their knowledge on the subject and provide them effective investment management assignment help. Some of the broad areas of investment management are as follows:

The Requirement of Investment Objectives- This clearly describes the investment policy and summarizes its core purposes which include risk acceptance, return requirements, etc.

Preferred Assets Mix- Here, one decides the amount of portfolio share to be invested in several assets categories such as real estate, bond, stock, cash, etc.

Formulation of Portfolio Strategy- Under this, one has to choose from two broad categories in order to plan an effective strategy. They are; active portfolio strategy and passive portfolio strategy.

Security Selection- One must carefully interpret and analyze tax shield liquidity, the risk of default, and other essential factors while selecting static income paths.

Execution of Portfolio- In this, one carefully implements the structured portfolio plan.

Portfolio Monitoring- This phase indicates that every portfolio must be constantly revised and monitored at regular intervals.

Performance Evaluation- In this phase, one is required to measure the rate of risk and return.

Having a proper understanding of these phases not only help students in their investment management academic writing but also is useful for their investment planning in the future.

3-P's to Produce Above-Average Results

In order to produce the above-average result, the fund manager must understand and consider 3-P’s i.e; Philosophy, Process, and People where;

Philosophy refers to the underlying beliefs and values of the investment company. These beliefs can be more beneficial if supported by proof-statements.

Process refers to the method through which the overall philosophy of the work is implemented.

People refer to the staff, preferably the fund managers.

So, if students are studying investment management and looking to take their career path as a fund manager, they must take care of these 3-P’s. This will not only provide students exemplary investment management assignment help but also gives them a better understanding of the market tactics.

Key Problems in Investment Management Assignment

Being complex and complicated area of study, industries often face various challenging areas and have to deal with them for the smooth running of their business and attaining strategic goals. Students must thoroughly understand these problematic areas as it will help them develop the ability to deal with such challenges and mark excellence in their career.

  • Since revenue is directly connected with market valuation, so the major fall in an asset may cause a decline in revenues.
  • Sometimes, the above-average fund performance is difficult to manage and maintain. In such cases, clients may not be that corporative.
  • Successful fund managers are quite expensive and may be reviewed by competitors.
  • Experts who produce above-average returns usually get a handsome package that they often focus on managing their personal portfolio rather than looking for business employment.

Important Topics under Investment Management Homework Help

The list of topics in which students can get excellent investment management assignment help and portfolio management essay writing service are as follows:

Equity Portfolio Management Alternative Investments Portfolio Management
Capital Market Line Index Models
Investment Risks Institutional Investors
Global Portfolio Performance Evaluation Systematic and Unsystematic Risk
Management of Alternative Investments Private Wealth Management
Portfolio Risk Management Portfolio Monitoring and Rebalancing
Market Structure in Other Countries CAPM (Capital Asset Pricing Model)
Asset Classes and Financial Instruments Security Analysis and Selection Techniques
Debt Investments Money and Bond Market

Employment Scope after Investment Management Homework Help

The business of investment has several phases. The asset management is used to describe the investment management of collective investment while the fund management may refer to all type of institutional investment and investment management for private investors. In the context of private banking, investment managers with expertise in advisory management on behalf of private investors may often term their services as portfolio management or wealth management.

Different type of jobs demands people with diverse skills to fit the role. There are people who bring in the money like the marketers, people who direct investments like the fund managers, people who ensure accord with regulatory and legislative constraints like the compliance staff, people who account and manage organization costs like the financial controllers, people who monitor internal systems and controls like the auditors, people who record and track fund valuations and transactions like back office employees, and people who are expert in computer technologies.

Some of the career paths that are highly prevalent in almost every industry across the world are:

Investment Manger- These are the managers who invest and divest client investments. Investment managers play a highly significant role in the investment management industry. In order to suggest suitable investments, they must access the client’s individual needs and risk profiles. To fit a role, the person must have excellent knowledge of real estate and commodities, bonds, stocks, investment style, diversifications, and long-term returns.

Fund Accountant- It is a data-centric job where the accountant is primarily responsible for preparing financial reports, compiling monthly and annually financial statements, entering data into a spreadsheet, controlling transactions, and acting as a link between the company and clients. In short, the role requires a person to manage all the aspects of day-to-day accounting.

Portfolio Manager- It is the best profile within investment management for the aspirant. The person is responsible for developing and managing investment allocations for private clients or institutional investors. Under financial industry, the position as a portfolio manager is available with pension plans and private investment companies. The portfolio manager is also called as wealth manager or asset manager.

Research Analyst- Most of the asset managers begins their career as a research analyst. The research analyst is primarily responsible for collecting data on a specific organization or an industry using primary and secondary techniques, prepare reports, and analyze its financial strength. There are sell-side research analysts who cater to the external clients and buy-side analysts who focus on internal clients.

Relationship Manager- The relationship manager act as a liaison between clients and the company. It is an individual who is required to address all the compliance, processes and grievance of its clients. As a mediator, the person is responsible for updating its clients about the latest products, services, and offerings of the company and further improves the relationship with current clients for business profit.

Financial Advisor- The job of a financial advisor is to help their clients plan to achieve their short and long-term financial goals. The main task of a financial advisor is to acquire more business by providing satisfactory tax, insurance, and investment advice to clients. The person must possess excellent communication skills, computer proficiency, advanced knowledge and an ability to influence people.

Sales Manager- Companies often look for the sales manager who can craft sales plan, hit sales target and achieve business growth while successfully managing the sales team. The person needs to travel a lot to build a huge business sales network. He/she needs to create and execute a strategic business plan, identify market shifts and emerging market in order to drive maximum revenue and ensure the strong presence of the company.

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