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Today, many universities across the world are introducing various courses in finance discipline. The main objective is to help students build a strong base for a successful career in business and management. Finance is a specialized field that focuses on managing funds. Pursuing courses in this discipline and getting finance assignment help are beneficial for their career growth. These courses provide students a learning experience that will help them make better decisions on fund investment and financial markets.

Thus, financial management is all about managing corporate financial decisions pertaining to capital structure, investment, and dividend policy, with the aim to achieve corporate objectives. Now, you must be wondering that what the significance of studying international finance is. But before we start, it is important to clear our understanding of international finance.

What is International Finance?

International finance is an emerging branch that combines both finance and economics. It deals with monetary and macroeconomics interrelations between two or more countries. During the course, students seeking international finance assignment help studies the dynamics of exchange rates, direct foreign investment, international financial systems, financial management problems pertaining to FOREX and political risk, and their effect on the international trade.

What are the future benefits of Studying International Finance for Students?

The increasing popularity and the globalization rate has witnessed the significance of international finance. The main objective of this study is to know how to get the benefit of opportunities and manage the risks in the international financial markets. The international finance homework help experts explain the significance of this study area with its future benefits as follows:

  • Students will experience and learn the advantages and the risks of various sources of funds offered by international financial markets.
  • Based on their learning, students will be able to address the issues pertaining to multi-currency valuation and cross-border.
  • Students will acquire an ability to identify the problems faced by global firms and apply their knowledge in capital raising and international valuation to achieve positive development.
  • The study will help students understand basic theorems of interest rates and inflation, exchange rate determination, and how the arbitrage keep the foreign exchange market efficient. Students can actively apply their basic knowledge in their profession.
  • Knowledge of International finance help students to use international management in global context.
  • By understanding the nature of international finance markets and risk management operations by global firms, students will possess the ability to select effective global financing strategies and provide beneficial solutions.

Well, this is not all! Besides the aforestated advantages, international finance assignment help and course study help students to develop advanced communication, analytical and technical skills.

Major Dimensions of International Finance by Finance Assignment Help Experts

Want to know how is international finance different from domestic finance? There are three major dimensions that set international finance apart from purely domestic finance. They are:

Foreign Exchange and Political Risks– Sudden variations in the exchange rates may affect consumption, production and investment functions of companies and individuals who are actively engaged in cross-border transactions.

Market Imperfections– Legal restrictions, high transportation costs, information asymmetry, and discriminatory taxation are certain barriers that lead to market imperfections. As a result, it bound the extent to which investors can expand their portfolio.

Expanded Opportunity Set– Companies endeavoring into the global markets can maximize their benefits by opportunities such as raising funds, deploying assets, and locating production in any country.

The Bretton Woods System – Balance of Payment & Currency Exchange Rates

International finance students must be aware of the fact that the Bretton Woods conference held in 1944, has caused the development of significant international financial organizations that still plays an essential role in the world economy. Currently, the financial institutions that conduct international finance research are the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development or the World Bank, the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER), the International Finance Corporation (IFC), and the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

The Bretton Woods System was a crucial part of world financial history. It introduced the new monetary and exchange rate management system. Under this agreement, the exchange rates were fixed to the price of gold, and the US dollar was seen as a reserve currency for the gold price. This made currencies convertible for trade. Thus, it introduced international finance system to secure international finance stability. It focuses on developing a procedure for evaluating the balance of payment and developing essentials for controlling currency exchange rate.

The Bretton Woods System – Balance of Payment & Currency Exchange Rates

Balance of Payment– It is the accounting system for global financial and industrial deals of a particular country. It involves financial account, bank account, and capital account.

Currency Exchange Rate– It refers to the unpredictable changes in the international financial decisions that occur due to the cost fluctuation among two countries.

Major Financial Events and Crisis that Affect Global Finance Market

Past few years have witnessed certain financial events and crisis that still have a huge impact on the global finance market. This piece of information, as explained by the international finance homework help experts, will definitely help you enhance your knowledge on the international finance market besides polishing your analytical skills.

Let us get insight into some of the events and crisis that occurred in the last decade.

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Global Financial-Crisis (2008-2009)

It was a major financial crisis that begins with the failure and merger of various large financial institutions in the United States. Though it was observed in September 2008, it still has a huge impact on the global trade. It rapidly evolved to the global market and resulted in the failure of various European banks, decline in stock market indexes and reduction in market value of stock around the globe. This has been represented in the below image:

However, many world political leaders, finance ministers, and bank directors have collaborated to reduce the effect of crisis but fail. As a result, many investors transferred huge capital resources into currencies like the dollar, the Swiss franc, and the yen.

Europe Sovereign Debt Crisis (2010)

In 2009, the Greek government announced the actual budget deficit which was 12.7 percent as compared to the previously 3.7 percent based on falsified national account data. This led to European Sovereign Debt Crisis which was a financial crisis that occurred in 2010 which driven up public debt in European Union zone. Five Eurozone countries including Greece, Ireland, Italy, Portugal and Spain failed to pay government debt. Rating agencies downgraded the debt of affected countries. Thus, EU countries including France and Germany along with IMF generated enough Euro fund to bail out affected countries. Nevertheless, the far-reaching consequences of the crisis have extended to the world.

Brexit (2016)

Brexit is a word that combines Britain and exit, which was a referendum decision of British to exit the European Union in 2016. The decision resulted into major fallout in the US economy. This is not all! It has the potential long-term impact on the world economy. For instance, the British exit from the EU has affected the trade and security exchange of Australia. Next, the higher US dollar triggers the pressure on China to lower Yuan as the EU and the US are the two largest export markets. Similarly, its impact on various other countries like Japan, India, Germany, etc, affect the global financial market.

Choose your Topic for the Best International Finance Assignment Help

The international finance assignment help experts have defined certain key concepts or theories that are essential for students such as the optimum currency area theory, Mundell-Fleming model, purchasing power parity, interest rate parity and the international Fisher Effect. To achieve academic excellence and excel in the studies, students must have a strong hold on the following trending topics under the study area.

International Monetary Fund

Foreign Exchange Market


Euro Currency Market

Global Financial Environment

Risk Management Process


Foreign Investment Decision

Balance of Payments


Types of Derivatives

Types of Risks

International Project Appraisal

Foreign Exchange Risk Exposure

Structural Models

Exchange Rate Determination

International Joint Ventures

Capital Market

Samples Questions and their International Finance Assignment Help Solutions

The assignment offers you an opportunity to explore in depth your topic of interest within the subject. Your assignment should apply some of the theories related to a specific real-world case study, controversy or political debate. Students often have various assignment questions in which they seek international finance homework help from our experts. Few of them are as follows:

  • Does developing countries get the benefit of inward FDI or are inward FDI exploited by MNEs?
  • Are global trade pattern static with global theory?
  • How democratic states prevent ‘perfectionist backlash’ against free trade?
  • Does outward FDI enrich or deindustrialize Western nations?
  • If trade liberalization is beneficial, then why do countries generally prefer protectionism?
  • What is the role of free trade within favorable economic policy?
  • Is trade liberalization essential for economic development and growth?
  • What international business concepts and strategies international firms use for global trade?

Our finance assignment help experts provide the best solutions to such type of assignment problems. For instance, if you are required to prepare an essay assignment for your first assignment question, the most appropriate approach to answering that is:

First, define FDI in the first paragraph and explain its relevance in the present scenario.

Next, explain the positive impact of FDI in the developing countries such as the inward FDI or cross-border FDI is a key source of economic and financial growth for developing countries. It helps in bringing in more capital in the country and enable economies to get access to more resources and technologies so as to increase the overall GDP and productivity.

Further, describe its negative consequences in the third paragraph like, it has been observed that the low tariffs and labor in the developing countries often get exploited by the MNEs for gaining maximum benefit.

In the end, provide a conclusion based on your discussion of both the aspects. For this question, you may conclude that the best approach the developing nations can follow is to analyze and restrain the rules and regulations of FDI in order to ensure that any such foreign investment does not affect the local entities.

Career Opportunities in International Finance

The immense popularity and the rate of globalization have inflated the significance of international finance. There is a lot to learn for students in this field. Seeking international finance assignment help from the experts will help you understand various concepts of international finance market. Furthermore, it helps you excel in your study and career. But, what are the potential career options for you after mastering this subject? Well, here is the answer.

Finance industries preferably look out for professionals who navigate the international market, employ strategies of foreign investments, exchange rates, and other concepts of global finance. Financial management, international banking, business development, and trade are some of the areas where graduates can establish their career. Some of the career options in this field are as follows:

Financial Manager– The role of the financial manager is to take in-charge of all the financial activities of an organization. From producing financial reports to managing company’s finance and direct investment activities, and setting long-term financial goals, the financial manager is responsible for all. International banks and corporations are few of the industries open for this position.

Financial Analyst– The position is entitled to the candidate who improves financial status of a company by identifying outcomes, evaluating trends, controlling variances and proposing actions to the management. Financial analyst provides investment-based services to the businesses. The role demand an expert advice on stocks and bonds, evaluate portfolios, update new firms to invest in and compare risks to investment benefits.

Financial Services Sales Agents– The financial services sales agents are closely associated with the buyers and sellers to trade various securities, commodities and financial services. They reach potential clients to explain their services, update them on various financial markets such as international market, if required, and advise them of good times to buy and sell securities.

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Why Take International Finance Assignment Help from Our Experts?

Students with their international financial assignments are required to be updated with the current trends in the field, besides acquiring fundamental knowledge. To answer the assignment questions, students must possess logical and analytical skills, conduct research and refer various resources for a qualitative conclusion. As a result, they struggle a lot and often end up with messy assignments. With us, you need not worry about any of the above problems.

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