Foundation Law Assignment Help

Foundation Law Assignment Help

Law refers to a set of rules and regulations which the citizens of a country must follow. The complex system related to this is called the legal system. The rules are enforced by political and legal institutions. The law is defined for maintaining peace in the country and imparting freedom to its citizen. It can be differentiated into various categories according to its functionality but the core purpose of a law is to provide justice without the influence of power, wealth or personality.

Students who get enrolled in this subject have to deal with various types of law and legal systems. This course includes the fundamentals of law and politics with the core foundation modules. Foundation law refers to the introductory evidence needs to establish the relevance of other evidence. Having an understanding of foundation law is of great importance for students seeking foundation law assignment help.

Importance of Law for Students

The law plays a vital role in shaping the history, politics, economics, morality and society at large. It is a powerful system of rules that govern the behavior. It is, therefore, important for students pursuing a degree in this particular area to gain a deep understanding for a successful professional career. law assignment writing service assists students in attaining subject proficiency and best competitive scores.

Theoretical Insights with Practical Skills- The legal system compiles various laws covering diverse sections of society. Studying the law provides theoretical insights about the laws and their amendment in several areas. It further equips students with intellectual skills that expand their professional paths. Few of these skills are:

  • Research- Students can perform adequate research through analysis of case studies.
  • Critical Analysis- Based on the primary sources and collected evidence, students are able to make up their mind by critically evaluating these sources.
  • Synthesis of Complex Ideas- Students acquires a good hold on any complex language and an ability to effectively communicate the language in a simple way.
  • Presentation- Students often engage in societies by offering legal advice to real people.
  • Writing- Students build an ability to communicate all the above in a writing form.

Real-time Situations and Solutions- Law students spends a lot of time in understanding and extracting cases while learning theories. In order to explain the applicability of theories, they often use real-life examples. This way they are left in no doubt regarding the fact that the content they are learning has some real-life applications.

Understanding the Power of Law in Society- Studying law develops one’s understanding of the level of power in the society. The law is imposed in every part of life and has a supreme power in the society. Therefore, the law is very important to the way of life of any person.

Excellent Career Prospects- The variety of skills acquired by students while studying law put them at the forefront of employers’ mind. The law degree opens a wide range of career opportunities in innumerable fields. Students enjoy good career prospects in business, media, arts, science, education, entertainment, government and public sectors.

Diverse International Association of Law- Having an understanding of diversity in application of the law from country to country gives students insights of the people of different cultures. It also provides them with a global network of contacts that may prove influential later in life.

Types of Law

The set of laws differs from country to country in terms of origin, adjudication and legal systems. Students seeking law assignment help online must take into account the various types of laws. Primarily, there are three types of legal jurisdictions including; Civil Law Jurisdictions, Common Law Jurisdictions, and Religious Law Jurisdictions. However, in adjudication, laws can be divided in two forms; Civil Law, and Criminal Law.

Civil Law Jurisdictions-

It follows the basic framework of the Roman law. Here, the key principles are codified into the basic referral system. This legal system is used by most of the countries around the world ranging from Russia, France, and China to most of the Central America and parts of Africa.

Common Law Jurisdictions-

The concept of a common law was evolved to create a unified system of law common to the country. It is a legal system in which the legislature has the authority to draft new laws over a period of time. The judge is the supreme decision-maker who is binding by the prior judgments. It is based on the faith that the similar matters must receive similar treatment. Few countries that follow this law are UK, Pakistan, Ireland, Australia, Bangladesh, USA and parts of Australia.

Religious Law Jurisdictions-

Religious law is based on religious principles. In a specific religious system, their principles are used as a dominant and ultimate source for providing justice. The Christian legal system is called Canon law, Islamic legal system is called Sharia and Jewish legal system is called Halakha. Nations such as Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Libya follows the Sharia law while Vatican City follows the Canonical law.

Laws in adjudication are categorized as follows:

Civil Law-

Civil law is applied when disputes arise among two individuals or between an individual and an organization. Civil law deals with the following areas:

  • Property Laws- Property law deals with any dispute related to ownership of movable and immovable properties. From buying and selling of properties to leasing and renting of properties, it deals with the problems arising out of possession agreement in these areas. There are mainly ownership and tenancy related disputes.
  • Contract Laws- A contract is a legally bound agreement between two parties either verbally or in written form. If any type of contract is violated, it falls under the contract laws. The breach of any kind of contract is subject to penalty either in monetary or non-monetary forms. Contract law is primarily used for commercial purposes. Students can get help in their assignment by focusing on the important aspects of contract law like offers, acceptance, terms of the contract, application of contractual terms, infringement of contract and entitled punishments.
  • Administrative Laws- Administrative laws deal with administrative departments of the government. These laws focus on the issues related to the government such as trade, policy, financial, taxation, manufacturing, broadcasting, telecasting, etc.
  • Business Laws- It is also known as commercial laws that compile both public and private laws. It deals with the disputes that arise between individuals, business firms and trade companies which are related to commerce, trade, and industry.
  • Constitutional Laws- Constitutional laws explain the legal system as the set of rules that governs the various state affairs. It also defines the relationship between the different government entities i.e; the legislature, the executive, and the judiciary. The constitutional laws mainly focus on the structure and function of the government, rights and duties of the citizen and the relationship between the people and the government.
  • Corporate Laws- The law deals with the matters concerned with shares, accounts, procurements, mergers, investment capital, profits, and losses. It covers the disputes that arise between the management, shareholders, and directors of small or big multinational companies.
  • Consumer Laws- Consumer laws incorporates the rights of the consumers. It studies the issues related to the rights of the consumers such as fair price, competition, antitrust, etc.
  • Environmental Laws- Environmental laws, also known as climate laws, is a collection of legal statutes, regulations, common laws that are enforced to protect the environment and reverse the effect of global warming on the environment.

Criminal Laws-

It is an important area of law discipline that provides students help with law assignment writing task. Criminal laws deal with the cases that involve all types of crime including theft, murder, and assault. Anyone who commits any kind of crime is subject to the punishment depending upon the nature of the case.

Some of the major crimes that are the outcome of socially disturbing behavior are namely assassination, rape, murder, assault, sexual harassment, robbery, manslaughter, theft, etc.

Categories of Law Assignment

Law is quite a broad subject with multiple branches and sub-branches. There are the certain areas of law assignment where students need to get a thorough understanding in order to excel in the field and score high grades. Having a proper knowledge of these branches provides students more insights to the law subject and gives them more choices of selecting their topic of interest wisely.

Common Law Assignment Help- The case under common law category occurs when there is a loss of civil nature due to the carelessness of an entity. With common law assignment help, students will be able to understand its extensive nature in the freedom of people, different communities and the ways to promote the cooperation between the human beings.

Criminal Law Assignment Help- Criminal laws deal with conducts that are considered dangerous to the society. It is essential for society to ensure that no person suffers at the hand of other. Hurting someone or causing a loss is a crime and such cases fall under the criminal law. Students seeking assignment help services must comprehend that any sort of misconduct is considered as a crime but not every misdoing is considered as a crime.

Tort Law Assignment Help- Any civil wrongs committed intentionally or due to negligence that causes harm falls under Tort. The person who commits the tortious act is legally liable to any legal action. The victim can file a lawsuit to recover the damages. Writing on a tort law assignment requires a good deal of research and must embed the latest information.

International Law Assignment Help- International law is a set of rules and regulations that are formulated particularly to develop and maintain the relationships between two countries. These laws are framed on the basis of consent. Some of the popular topics that fall under this category include cross-border expatriation, policies regarding export and import of goods and services, etc.

Business Law Assignment Help- Though it is a part of the civil law, it further holds various branches relevant to business elements namely, Labour law, Intellectual Property law, Contract law, and Corporate law. Students with business law homework assignments must acquire a good understanding of laws and a proper hold on the topics it covers such as securities law, antitrust, the law of corporation and other business institutions.

Taxation Law Assignment Help- This category of law incorporates the rules, policies, and laws that direct the tax process. It is implicated in licenses, property, transactions, wages, charges on estates, and many more areas. It is considered the most difficult area of the legal system. Students must acquire a strong base on the topics including payment modes of taxes, income tax, payroll, VAT, employment law and more.

Employment Law Assignment Help- It is also known as labor law. It regulates the relationship between employee, employer, government and the trade unions. It is concerned with the rights of employees as per the contract and covers everything concerned with the employment from wages to benefits and discrimination to harassment.

Specialization Areas in Law

The law is an extensive subject that opens a broad range of career opportunities for law students. Students practicing the law and having a certified degree in it are entitled to various positions. By having an insight into the following key specialization areas, students are able to pick the desired law profession more precisely.

Judge- The judge is the supreme authority in providing the final decision and the judgment of the trial. They remain fair and give equal treatment to every citizen despite their social, economic or professional status. The appointment for the position of judges follows different procedures from country to country.

Solicitors- They are advisers who combine legal expertise and people skills to provide legal advice, prepare and draft legal papers, and communicate on behalf of clients on legal matters. Solicitors are involved in almost every aspects of life. A career as a solicitor is intellectually challenging and rewarding with many exciting opportunities.

Advocates and Barristers- They are the lawyers who practice law and advocate for clients in the courtroom. A barrister evaluates the case once briefed by the solicitor who is representing a person or company. They also conduct research, provide expert legal advice, interview clients and witnesses, and act as mediators, referees, and arbitrators.

Jurist- The jurist is responsible for teaching, researching, structuring and help in creating new laws. They have a significant role as they draft codes, which are major laws that govern the entire structure and sections of law.

These law professions are used in different fields and open the doors for diverse career paths for law graduates.

  • Graduates as solicitors may choose to work in law firms which specialize in a specific law field. While working in a law firm, they can get exposed to a different area of practice, lawyers and a variety of clients.
  • Most of the organizations incorporate a dedicated legal advisory department with an in-house lawyer in a senior management position. Scholars can work as in-house lawyers in diverse sectors from banks to media and financial companies.
  • Community legal centers often seek legal assistance from lawyers with a good sense of social justice on social and economic problems in their local areas.
  • Similar to in-house counsel, the lawyers provides legal assistance to different government bodies and departments. They are involved in performing different tasks depending upon the operations of the departments they are working in.

How We Help

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