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Education assignments are a common thing for students enrolled into various courses related to the teaching sector.

Many graduate students in Australia who are enrolled into degree programs move further in to challenging teaching roles – and the teachers shall be responsible for managing classes and teaching the respective subjects. Hence, making it a must, to be acquainted with all the required skills.

Education System in Australia

An academic year in Australia is mainly categorized into four terms starting from late January till December. The school working hours are from 9am to 3.30pm. Each term has been specifically explained as follows:

Term 1 – Autumn Session

Term 2 – Spring Session

Term 3 – Annual Session

Term4 – Summer Session

How to Qualify as a Teacher?

  • Complete an undergraduate bachelor’s course as your first degree.
  • Complete the postgraduate Graduate Diploma in Education or the Master of Teaching - Coursework (Secondary) to qualify as a secondary school teacher.

Skill Set to Become a Good Teacher

Skill Set to Become a Good Teacher

A teacher must have the ability to make a huge difference to the young minds of the society. Some of the important skill set required to become a good teacher are as follows:

  • Passion: A teacher needs to be passionate in order to motivate and inspire students. Passion is what drives students to study more and study effectively.
  • Effective Communication – Verbal and Written: People with effective communication skills make excellent teachers, because they are able to share their knowledge, skills and values with students.
  • Critical Thinking: This involves analyzing, evaluating and applying in our daily lives.
  • Patience: The most important quality that a good teacher should have is patience. The patience to listen, understand the students, their questions, their needs and wants and patiently cater to them all.
  • Organization: Good organization provides a better framework for students to learn. It also results in better classroom discipline.

Qualities to Become a Good Teacher

To become a good teacher, you would be requiring the following qualities like:

  • Commitment: It is very simple, student commitment depends on teacher commitment.
  • Empathy: It means to understand the perspective of other people than their own.
  • Motivation: A good teacher motivates students to do more; to do better.
  • Understanding: A good teacher should have deep understanding of every student’s needs, his/her caliber, etc.
  • Be an example: Always remember, your students watch you. And know that they follow what you do as a teacher. Be a consistent example of positivity and good behavior.

Australia's Top Teacher Training Courses?


Teacher Training Courses

The top undergraduate programs of Australia are listed below:

  • QUT,
  • UNE and
  • ACU

The top postgraduate programs of Australia are as follows:

  • UniMelb,
  • ECU and
  • UNE.

Detailed Insight into the Different Teaching Courses (

Age Group of Children Appropriate Course to cater to these Students Course Outcome
0-5 years EARLY YEARS EDUCATION This course helps qualify to teach in childcare, kindergarten and preschool settings, and to support children’s transition to school.
0-12 years EARLY YEARS AND PRIMARY EDUCATION By completing a course in ‘Early Years and Primary Education’ one qualifies to teach in early years and primary education.
5-12 years PRIMARY YEARS ‘Primary Years’ course results helps potential candidates to qualify to teach in primary education settings.
5-18 years PRIMARY AND SECONDARY EDUCATION Qualify to teach in both primary and secondary schools, specializing in one secondary specialist teaching area
12-18 years SECONDARY EDUCATION On completion of ‘Secondary Education’, you will be able to teach in secondary schools, specializing in two secondary specialist teaching areas.

The Top 5 Teacher Education Universities in Australia

The top 5 Teacher Education universities in Australia for 2017 are:

  • Australian Catholic University
  • Queensland University of Technology
  • University of New England
  • Deakin University
  • University of Southern Queensland

Teacher Training Assignments

  • The assignments in education courses are lengthier than other subject assignments.
  • Assignments in education related courses are usually with a motive towards instilling some kind of skill which will further help you become a better teacher.
  • The standard in education courses are very strict. Hence, one must always try to adhere to that.
    For example, if the assignment task is to develop a curriculum for secondary school, then the mental abilities and the requirements of a middle school kid must be kept in mind before preparing the assignment.

Problems Faced While Writing an Assignment in Education

  • Lack of knowledge on the assignment topic.
  • Lack of access to resources.
  • Lack of ideas on proper referencing and how to cite references in a relevant manner.
  • Lack of technical usage of language.

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Perks of Being a Teacher

A career in education provides people an opportunity to create an impact and bring in a positive change in other people’s lives. You get to change the future of education.

What could be better than the satisfaction of being able to provide opportunities for people to learn and grow?

Challenges Faced by Teachers

Challenges Faced by Teachers

The following are the challenges faced by teachers:

  • Handle Bad Behavior
  • To thrive at School
  • To deal with stress
  • Identifying and meeting the needs of children

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Assignment Writing Service in Australia

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Students Assignment Help

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Teaching assignment Help

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Physical Education Assignment Help

If we take an example of, submitting a Ph.D. thesis in physical education the following points are given emphasis upon –

  • Sport Studies
  • Sexuality Education
  • Body Care and Physical Safety
  • Mental Health
  • Physical Health and Physical Education
  • Food and Nutrition
  • Outdoor Education

As you can see, physical education is an amalgamation of many other subjects. Seeking education assignment help from assignment writing services would be of great help to students in such a scenario.

3 Tips for Preparing Assignments in Education

  • Argue: While preparing any assignment,it is important to write about one side of the argument and support it with relevant examples and evidences (peer reviewed journals). By doing so, you are voicing out your opinion onthe topic and are supporting the same with the help of other academic writers who share the same view.
  • Report: This involves the step wherein, you describe a situation or an event that has already taken place.
  • Discuss implications for practice: This is the last part of any assignment. This part throws light on how your topic will influence how you preach/practice in the future.

The Right Formatting While Preparing an Essay

The following is a general guideline to be ensured while preparing an assignment on education:

  • Left text alignment
  • 11 point font (Times New Roman or Calibri)
  • Two or 1.5-line spacing
  • Page numbers
  • Bold headings (Please note, not to underline the heading) and subheadings (By doing so, you are showing your readers, that your assignment is well structured and organized)
  • Running header/footer with your name and assignment details, e.g. Pamela Johnson, EDF1234, Assignment 4

Types of Assignments in Education

Doing assignments in education as per a professor of Monash University, is all about understanding. It is not limited to essays and dissertation papers, but consists of a lot more! An article of Monash University, typically explains the various other types of assignments in education, which are as follows:

  • Oral presentations: Oral presentations include preparing high quality power point presentations. Every slide must be organized and should contain relevant information. It is important to note, that the slides only act as guiding points and are there as supporting materials. So, one needs to make sure as to not overload the presentation with lot of texts and images.
  • Poster presentations: Posters act as a key component in your presentation. Usage of big pictures and texts can help make your poster look effective. Also, white space balance, font size, and text style are some of the other important factors to be kept in mind while preparing a poster.
  • Lesson plans and other class resources: A lesson plan generally needs to be very precise and clear. There are various lesson plan templates available, which can be used, in order to prepare them accurately. The lesson plan needs to be clear as it can also be used by other teachers as well.
  • Portfolios: A portfolio is an extended version of a poster. It is a combination of images, texts, interviews, questionnaires, etc. A high-quality portfolio would consist of a table of contents making it more user-friendly along with well-structured content.

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UWA Secondary Education Assignment Help

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