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Mechanical Engineering is a study which applies the principles of physics, material science, and engineering, which is used for the maintenance, design, analysis and further manufacturing with the machines and mechanical systems. It is one of the branches of engineering, which involves the study of operation and production of all sorts of machinery. This field of study usually requires a thorough understanding of studies of mechanics, thermodynamics, structural analysis, kinematics, electricity and material science. These are considered as the core areas of studies which help the mechanical engineers to work along with the general support of product lifecycle management and also computer aided management. These are further required mainly for the design and analysis of manufacturing plants, heating and cooling systems, robotics, medical devices, weapons and much more.

According to automobile body engineering assignment help in Australia, mechanical engineering in a simple way is explained as the study of anything which moves, which can include a human body or even a very complex machine. The study of this subject allows the students to get a broad range of career opportunities and this further helps them in envisioning themselves after they graduate from respective universities. Their education about the field of engineering has already helped them to improve the capabilities to make them self-sufficient and to be a creative thinker. These qualities further allow the students to build or even innovate different and exciting products or systems and bring them towards the world.

Advantages of Mechanical Engineering

Below given are some of the many known advantages of mechanical engineering which will further help you in understanding that why is it wide in nature and good for opting as a career option.

  • Income: We can never ever overlook the point that we have put in our hard work and sincerity in studying and understanding the concepts so that we get a good career opportunity. In order to become a certified Mechanical engineer one has to go through so many ups and downs. But, as a mechanical engineer, you get paid for all the burdens that you have felt through your good income. So the main point of income will never become an issue in the later life cycle of a Mechanical Engineer.
  • Work Opportunities: As per the advantages of being a mechanical engineer, if you are a mechanical engineer or if in any case you are still studying and thinking to opt for this study related matters, then you are on the right path. A mechanical engineer can be hired in any business domains for the reason that mechanical engineers are very suitable for several kinds of work in various organizations.
  • Innovations for the future: As per various automobile body structure design assignment experts in Australia engineer, especially the mechanical engineer is a person who can bring out some great innovative and creative ideas to the world. Their creations usually help the world to grow and harness the power of energy in a very efficient way so that we can get real productive uses out of raw materials.

What is Body Engineering?

Body engineering or automobile engineering is essentially a branch of engineering, which is concerned with the application of a combination of principles of mechanical engineering, material engineering and also electrical engineering. Body engineers have to deal with various aspects of vehicles. Which is starting from the design vehicle body and basic features. Several automotive engineering tasks, for instance, brake system design, engine design, operational performance improvement, safety systems implementation in the vehicle etc. is also performed by body engineering specialists.

As per automobile body structure design assignment help usually, the mechanical engineer graduates taking up body engineering as a specialization at the master's level, whereas body engineering can also be taken up as a graduate program. Basic knowledge of engineering fundamentals, mathematics, materials science and analytical skills are essential for body engineering professionals.

A body engineer needs to have a good technical synchronization with all the recent development and should be capable of understanding all the standards and protocols involved in areas such as safety and quality requirements, oil making, environmental compliance, regional and international transportation policies and ergonomic developments.

A body engineer usually finds jobs in vehicle manufacturing companies under operations, R&D, maintenance and other various support services. It is also possible that a body engineer gets a job in government organizations which involves policy-making and regulation in the transportation sector.

What does a body engineer do?

According to preliminary vehicle structure design assignment help body engineer is concerned with the development of passenger cars, bus, trucks or off-road vehicles. They do one or more of the following things;

  • Troubleshoot and solve engineering problems
  • Design some of the new products or modify the existing one
  • Plan and design manufacturing process

Body engineers have a responsibility to apply their engineering skills in the most efficient and effective way because their innovations and solutions must be profitable. Their typical responsibilities would include;

  • Preparing cost estimates and design specifications
  • They need to develop testing procedures
  • Researching, designing, developing and producing vehicles and components
  • Preparing plans and drawings
  • Developing testing procedures
  • Predicting vehicle or component behavior under different conditions using computerized model
  • Analyzing energy, environmental and safety aspects of the planned project
  • Investigating product failures
  • Supervise technical staff
  • Analyzing, interpreting and condensing technical data into reports or presentations
  • Working with professionals from other occupational fields, such as marketing and legal
  • Working closely with other types of engineers, such as civil, electrical, aerospace, chemical and industrial

Qualifications to be a body engineer by automobile body structure design assignment help

Any pre-engineering student who aims to pursue body engineering should have a strong background in advanced calculus and also the chemistry to succeed at the collegiate level. It is obvious, that good grades and a high-level of hands-on experience at the undergraduate level are very much important to get a job after graduation. As the vehicles today are developed and designed in a virtual world and basically "computers on wheels" it is an added advantage to have a strong appreciation of computer science.

In addition to all the academic qualifications, a body engineer needs to have;

  • A hardcore interest in motor vehicle engineering
  • A thorough understanding of technical concepts and federal safety standards and laws
  • The analytic skills need to be sharp
  • Creative problem-solving approach
  • The ability to prioritize and plan effectively
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Soft skills, such as the ability to work in teams to solve problems
  • The ability to stay within a budget and meet deadlines
  • The ability to work independently

Body Engineering Degrees

Bachelor's Degree

The reason that not many universities offer a bachelor's degree program in body engineering, most aspiring engineering students end up taking mechanical engineering program. The sole reason is that body engineering is an offshoot of mechanical engineering and therefore, many of the classes remain same. On the contrary, there are few colleges offering mechanical engineering programs that include body engineering courses such as:

  • Automotive Electronics
  • Automotive Dynamics
  • Diesel Engine Theory
  • Engine parts
  • Alternative engine sources
  • Fuel cell systems
  • Powertrain Dynamics

It usually takes at least four years to complete a bachelor's degree in engineering. During, the last year of the program a student is entitled to finish a design project, it could be done alone or with other students. Whereas after graduation, the new engineer must work under the supervision of a licensed professional engineer for a certain number of years, depending on the state. Moreover, they need to pass an Engineer-In-Training exam and professional engineer exam in order to become a licensed professional engineer.

Career Prospects of a Body Engineer

As a body engineer, you'll be able to choose from a range of career options. You will have the possibility to advance to supervisory engineer roles and a senior position within your project team management, consultancy, and general management.

As a body engineer, you'll be able to choose from a range of career options. You will have the possibility to advance to supervisory engineer roles and a senior position within your project team management, consultancy, and general management.

You also have an option of moving into related career area, for instance, environmental design. If in any case, you have worked a lot within the creative design, you could just move into the graphic design field. You also have an option of teaching and lecturing at universities or colleges if you have a Masters or Ph.D. in mechanical or body engineering.

Once you have gained several years of experience, you can also go in contracting work, moving between some short term projects. What will you fetch from this kind of work?

This type of work is helpful in providing variety, excellent financial benefits and the opportunity to work abroad. However, it generally lacks the stability and benefits associated with a permanent position with a large company.

Top Mechanical Engineering College in Australia by automobile body structure design assignment experts in Australia

If you are planning to pursue mechanical engineering from Australia, then we would suggest you to start your college search with the top 10 universities for Mechanical Engineering in Australia;

Name of the University Global Rank
The University of Melbourne 17
The University Of Sydney 26
The University of New South Wales 37
Monash University 41
The Australian National University 51-100
RMIT University 51-100
The University of Queensland 51-100
Queensland University of Technology (QUT) 101-150
The University of Adelaide 101-150
The University of Western Australia 151-200

These mentioned universities are among the top universities in Australia and they carry a reputation that needs no introduction. For instance, The University of Melbourne is the top ranked university, as the university offers a both bachelors and masters course in mechanical engineering. It also features amongst the top universities for electrical, civil and computer science engineering in Australia.

Why do you need automobile body engineering assignment help in Australia?

In body engineering, one has to have a deep knowledge of all the mechanical concepts and an added advantage is a good command on the use of computer systems. Designing the assignments are one of the most difficult parts in solving automobile body engineering projects and problems.

Some core mechanical concepts that students generally find it difficult to further implement are concepts related to the piston, working of the piston, Quantities of the piston, the functioning of the piston and much more. Other than this, knowledge of the crank and shaft is also essential. Knowledge of tools related to CAD & CAM needs a lot of skills and knowledge. Some other problems that are faced by students are also learning aerodynamics of a vehicle which is required to manufacture a vehicle for relative speed. Solving problems related to the engine are also very difficult which require students to solve many numerical based on the performance of the automobile engine.

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