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Beginning with the ancient Roman civilization, the city of Rome and the region now known as Italy has exerted an unmatched influence on the development of western society. There is no cultural area in any society that is untouched by the ideas coming out of Italy. Broadly, there are three major areas, on the timescale, that are much studied in universities around the world. First is the ancient Roman civilization and its culture, literature, architecture, military and law. Every one of you must be aware of the extent to which modern legal systems borrow from Roman law. For students this can be the most daunting area because of the number of studies and amount of research done in this which fills the library shelves. Our Italian studies assignment help service in Australia has become popular because of our experts’ ability to sift through all this material and direct them to the most relevant books.

Italian Studies Assignment Help

Second major area in Italian studies is the period of Renaissance. This, again, covers the major artistic, literary and architectural developments happening in various Italian city states of 16th and 17th century, like Venice, Milan, and above all, Florence. This was a period of immense scientific and artistic endeavour in Italy. As many of our Italian studies assignment experts in Australia come from this field, they will tell you the impact Renaissance has had on western civilization. Renaissance studies is probably the biggest area of historical cultural research. From the paintings and sculptures of Leonardo Da Vinci to the scientific theories and experiments of Galileo, this period led to a rapid development in our understanding of the world.

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The above two areas are a perennial favourite of university students all over the world. This is because one cannot restrict them as being part of Italian history. They are a part of the heritage of all of western civilization. However, the third area in Italian studies is the cultural and political developments in modern day Italy, which is Italy since World War II. A lot of students are interested in studying the cultural impact this period has had on other parts of the world. As our online Italian studies assignment help team will tell you, the interesting thing about studying this area is that one can actually see influences coming from contemporary, and recent past of, Italy and taking root in other societies.

Some of the major disciplines covered under this are, fashion studies, cinema, food culture, religion etc. Everyone is aware of the dominance of Italian fashion industry. Every year a number of trends are exported to other countries. Our Italian studies assignment writing service includes experts who can advise you, and provide better assignments on, every one of these topics.

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