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Since French Revolution in the late eighteenth century, France has been at the centre of world affairs. Even before 1789 France was the main exporter of culture to other European countries. In fact, French was the language of culture from the time of, at least, Montaigne in Europe. However, it is since the revolution that France has played a role, sometimes directly and most of the time intellectually, in world events. The very ideas of equality and liberty, freedom of expression, etc. are a gift of the French intelligentsia during the Enlightenment period. In the 20th century, Paris was the cultural and intellectual capital of the world and continues to exert the same influence today. All of this is to say that everything French – literature, architecture, art, music, political science, philosophy, etc. – is a seriously studied subject in all the major universities in the world. Therefore, it hardly needs saying that our French and francophone studies assignment help service in Australia was one of the first we offered.

French and Francophone Studies Assignment Help

Students do not study each of the subject mentioned above in brief introductory courses. Each of these subjects when studied in general, includes a lot that is coming out of France. For example, if you have taken a course in 20th century continental philosophy then you would know what we mean here. It would hardly be wrong if one were to replace continental with French. Almost all the major figures in the development of structuralism, post-structuralism, deconstruction, etc. have come out of France. Therefore, our French and francophone Studies assignment experts in Australia are people who have been leading academics in respective departments on continental philosophy.

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Another area, and coming before the post-sixties development in philosophy and literary theory is the philosophy of existentialism. This has been one of the most important schools of philosophy that has had a universal impact. Also of great interest to students around the world is the literature that came out, including of course the writing of Sartre and Camus, up to world war two. Many modernist movement in arts and literature were founded in Paris. Our online French and francophone Studies assignment help team has been helping students access the most important resources coming out of France and also the research around them.

A major area of study lately has been French cinema. Today’s star Iranian filmmakers, for instance, owe a great debt to these masters of French cinema. We have experts who specialize in film studies and theory to help you on assignments on French cinema.

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