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Had writing a 5-paragraph essay been easy, you would not have landed on this blog! Quite obvious, you must have landed here searching for the answer to questions like “how to write a 5-paragraph essay”? Well, don’t worry, we wont spill the beans for you right here.

For the answer, you would have to delve into this blog. Gone are the days, when you would entangle yourselves into the humongous world of essays and no one there to rescue you! TutorVersal has always been a guide for students like you, donning the cape of a superhero.

Are you ready to get the answer to your question? Our essay help experts are!

ABC Of a 5-Paragraph Essay Structure

Now, we are assuming that you are already aware of the 5-paragraph essay structure. However, for those who don’t know, let us begin from the very scratch. According to our essay writing help experts, this structure doesn’t seem very difficult, however is sufficient enough to give you a nightmare!

The basic structure of the 5-paragraph essay format is

  • The introduction

    • First body paragraph with evidences supporting the first thesis statement

    • Second body paragraph with evidence supporting the second thesis statement

    • Third body paragraph with evidence supporting the third thesis statement

    • The conclusion

    Now that you know the structure in which you have to write this essay, our essay help experts are going to tell you how to restrict yourself to this format.

    3 Easy Tricks To Master The Skills Of Writing A 5-Paragraph Essay

    Arouse the curiosity in your reader

    Imagine a situation where you are searching an object. After putting in a lot of effort, you get it. On the contrary, imagine a situation wherein you get the object easily, without putting in any effort. Which one would you prefer?

    Well, we know many of you would choose the latter. But that’s the difference between you and a scholar! As you might have heard, there is no alternative to hard work.

What we are trying to say here is let your reader put in some brains and efforts in deciphering what you are intending to say in your essay! Our essay writing help experts feel that this is what arouses their interest and engage in your essay.

So, go step-by-step slowly and steadily, unveiling the details. And you will automatically find yourself writing your essay in the so-called “5-paragraph essay format”!

Usage Of Flowery Vocabulary, Not a Good Option!

Well, our essay writers are not undermining the importance of dictionary or a thesaurus, while writing an essay. In fact, our experts themselves display a strong command over vocabulary. However, there is fine line which needs to be drawn between the usage and over-usage of complex words, depending upon the academic level for which you are writing your essay.

For instance, I AM INCANDESCENTLY HAPPY TODAY, has the same meaning as I am happy today. Now understand what we were trying to say? *wink*

Precisely, when you focus your attention towards stuffing your essay with such heavy words, you automatically tend to lose focus on the format of your essay.

So, now you decide, which is more important?

Prepare The Outline Before Hand!

If you do not want to get lost mid-way while writing the essay, you need to be prepared with an outline before-hand! This would not only act as a strong base for your essay, but also enable you to adhere to the 5-paragraph essay structure! Our essay help experts let the outline guide them.

Now that they have the outline they know what all to include under which section, writing a 5-paragraph essay would take no longer than a jiffy!

Do it yourself, then you would know the importance of preparing an outline beforehand.

We hope after going through this easy, yet effective tricks, you have already become a pro in writing your essays in the 5-paragraph essay format. Now, have you got all the answers which your were searching for? If not, then what are the experts of our essay writing services for? Contact us now via the order now form.

TutorVersal is an age-old firm functioning for helping million of students reach the grades they have always aspired for. Having delivered expert guidance on “how to write a 5-paragraph essay” and many other such topics to more than 5000 students, we are now waiting for your queries with open arms!

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